Community Mural on Mack & Dickerson

23 Aug

Hey yall i havent been on here in a while but we have been doing somethings. Like This every Saturday from 9-12pm we Go out and Cr8 this colorful mural. Here are some photos of its beginning stages. final well be up soon. Enjoy

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New Bike

2 Jul

well my other bike got stolen wap wap. so now i customized a new one still have to add some stuff but so far so good. Check out the process.

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Transform the jeep to Happy Pappy

29 May

i got a jeep in april and last weekend me and my sisters and my artist friend made it grab all the attention of the block including the church people lol. stay true 2 self


Change our city

29 May

we did a mural a few weeks back on a gloomy day, but towards the end of the mural completion the sun came out and all artist were happy we were done. we make art daily. stay true 2 self.

Dertoit Bike City

17 Mar

we will be vending at Detroit Bike City at Cobo march 24th come by and get some shirts and see some cool bikes. also check out my site if you can’t come buy some shirts off the site

 stay true 2 self

Our mural

3 Mar

HEY you can see our mural at the end of the video Cr8ive Minds

Remembering ‘The Green Book,’ A Travel Guide for African-Americans:

Girls Got Kicks is coming to Detroit!

23 Feb

hey my friends from boston is coming to the D yeah buddy i will be in the spot, so come and chill with some cool chicks and get a sweet book about girls with some cold ass kicks. Stay true 2 self

its been a while

29 Nov

hey i havent been on here in a long time. that because i been busy creating art, meeting people, traveling and expanding my brandhere are some images of what i been doing. stay true

soar higher and higher mural

26 Aug

dang we started this mural last thursday and finished today. thats that sonic speed with the paint brush. i really like working on this wall because of the collab with juan’s group. Props to his crazy group those kids got smart mouths, i know because i have one too lol. we worked well 2gether u get more done with a group of people. i needed that lesson. Enjoy the artwork we created for you. Stay true

mural at peaches and greens

14 Aug

this summer ive been working with a silliy group of kids at vanguard. to create to murals in the city and this is our first one called choose your path showing the good and bad side of the community and its your choice to pick which side you want to be on. it took us 3 weeks to do. everyday there was a different story and thanks to the other groups who helped us. enjoy the images we had fun making them. stay true 2 self