birthday month is my month

7 Jul

its only the 6th and i have done some cool stuff in july already. i had my first art show at thristle coffee house artwork will be there for a month, so check it out if u didnt come to the opening show

i also started my first week at vanguard for the muralist contract. my group has some cool ideas and my event for detroit design festival just got approved yayyyy

so its only the first week and im geeked for the second one to start. yeah buddy. oh yeah i met this cool lady today whos is having a book release party & open mic called Color me beautiful at wayne state university, McGregor hall, 495 w. ferry mall, detroit, mi 48201, friday july 22,2011 at 5pm t0 6:30pm.for more info vist

 check it out i will be there promoting cr8ive minds. Stay true 2 self

first time

24 Jun

well a few days ago was my first attempt at screen printing, I have to say it was not good try

the next day i went to go get some adhesive spray to keep the shirt down, don’t really like the spray to many chemicals so i used the liquid glue way BETTER and my second day went better than the first one

so after a good second day i was amp to do some more shirts, so i went to go clean the screens at triple thread and the ink would not come out. I’m looking like all men WT F&^k lol. so i used the wrong type of ink i was like NOOOOOOOOOOoooooo so i had to go to a car wash and spray down 3 screens. Now i know not to use that cheap ink and ask the people who have been doing screen printing for a while any questions i have;its cool to know people that do stuff. Stay true


downtown in the D (thats detroit) lol

31 May

i was down at Spectacles this weekend,saling shirts and my artwork. i met some cool people and my friends came out to show off there bikes had fun because when its sunny outside people are Nice. Yes nice in the D. Stay true

been busy

6 May

i havent wrote anything in a while because i been on the move getting my business started, designing shoes, painting murals and getting ready to graduate from college so keep on moving. Stay true


13 Apr

i went downtown today and guess what i saw…..

just over break

17 Mar

hey well i been on break from school and had some free time to just paint.I got some wood and started to get at it, i can say i really like painting on wood its some smooth to apply paint to. enjoy and give props if u like. stay ture 2 self.

i got some new s*&%

9 Mar

Hey its my first couple of months lauching Cr8ive Minds and i can say im just geting ready for summer. You can buy them at

manny on the chain game

3 Mar

Yo I got my seldom fleet chain from my boy Manny he did an amazing job. Her name is Levi blue, I love the blue and green combination. Yall need to get at him on the chain game

Fresh off the press

25 Feb

I got 2 new shirts printed yesterday on sold one going back to school. i love what i do

order online at

the whole selection so hoodies and custom jackets

@ 2am I…

21 Feb

just got done painting this…