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Maat Rock Mural

12 Oct

Maat the Egyptian Goddess know for balance and truth, something we all need in order to elevate. We Cr8 & Inspire. Cr8iveminds.com

IMG_20141009_154016 IMG_20141009_125536

D-town Farm Mural

12 Oct

The Garden Mural for D-town Farm Harvest Festival 2014

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Mack Alive Mural

21 Sep

We had good and inspiring moments painting the Mack Alive Building. Cr8 & Inspire. Cr8iveminds.com

Seats and The City (SAC) Project

19 Aug

Another mural being used in an architecture way this is a project we’er apart of using re-purposed doors from around Detroit to create seats at bus stops that doesn’t have any seating area for people waiting on public transportation. Cr8 & Inspire

Cr8ive Building Mural Summer 2013

14 Aug

This summer i taught a class at Timbuktu Academy call Cr8ive Building. it was an infusion of construction and art skills combined to make this eye opening mural in front of the school. for all staff, students and parents to see when they drop there kids off at school or just walking around the neighborhood. Always Cr8 & Inspire